Hello world!

We’re a husband and wife team of gamers.

CrashnSmash (call her Crash) has all manner of tanks, she even has two of a few!  Monk is her latest challenge. That, and being 9 months pregnant (which if you want to talk rage generation for a warrior or a bear, try being 9 months pregnant!) Crash has been playing since Vanilla.

Zoediac leveled a priest in vanilla, holy….the entire way…and through BC….he got smarter and tried shadow to level in wotlk but then went back to Holy for cata. Of course Dungeon Finder made that less painful. He also has several other healers. He too is excited to take on Monk.

Both of us have played the other side of the coin and dps. We hope you will join us on our journey of tanking, healing, all while having a newborn too!

Oh yea! Check out our own pages..they may change but for now they work!

~~Crash and Zoediac~~


~ by Momma Bike on April 30, 2012.

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