Tanking Old School (and new!)

Or…why I don’t use addons!

Today you can download any number of addons, and yes, I used to be an addon junkie. They were cool! They made life easier….or did they?

I found addons to be clunky additions to a game that could be played easily and effectively using what the WoW UI development Gods have already given you. With a few exceptions (yes I admit it! There are TWO addons I use! Blasphemy!)

I DO use DBM when raid tanking, this is mainly to keep others quiet so I don’t get loads of whispers going “OMG YOU CANT TANK YOU DONT HAVE DBM!”

And when I do heal I use Vuduh. I love Vuduh and it has truly made my life better.

Other then that, nope no addons…I might as well be running naked in some players eyes!

There are a few reasons on why I do this. Number one: Desperation (as you will note, this is usually my reason to do most things….but hey it works!). I don’t have an ultra-suped up gaming machine. I don’t even really wish I did. Do I wish the graphics were ubercool, yea…..would it be nice to play at lightning speeds….sure…could my internet really handle those speeds? nope.  Addons DO add processing time, they are adding things to the game, even minor ones. They also clutter up hardrive space on my computer which already has enough issues. I don’t need to give my computer a complex. My trusty computer (which actually isn’t mine as mine died a horrible terrible death of old age (thank you six year old machine, you lived your life well!). Trudges on playing WoW just fine on low settings, sure I run into trees sometimes…and it wasn’t until I saw a video of the Nefarion Onyxia fight in Cata that I truly knew what someone meant by their abilities…but I can see the fire on the ground, and avoid it…and that’s what counts. So no addon’s equals more fps for me and more chances for my raid/dungeon group to stay alive!

Number two: I get addicted. Addons seem to be like potato chips you can’t have just one. However, if you have enough that you get sick and throw up, you can cut back! I loved addons…because this one was shiny, and that one made auctioning so much easier, and this one over hear made bunnies pop out of my printer (oook…maybe not that one but it was like a kid in a candy store!).  I had so many addons that I probably contributed to the horrible death of my computer (sorry!).

Number Three: When the add-on goes boom on patch days I’m not frantically trying to remember how to play. I don’t have to let my guild down saying “you know that super cool raid that came out today! ….Yea sorry I don’t have (insert addon that I’ve been so used to having it might as well be part of me!). It’s still down.” Now MOST addon developers are VERY good about getting things up right away but as with any patch there are inevitably problems.  Also, for PTR and Beta (here’s where the new comes in, nudge nudge to the title) 99.9999999% of addons do not work. It’s much easier to test things and get a true feel for their game play if I’m not also adjusting and coping with addon withdrawl.

So there you have it. Three reasons to avoid addons! I know many of you will not agree  but that’s your choice. I like my simple life, it’s why I like tanking. Despite all it’s complexities there is really only two rules. Rule One: Don’t let others die, Rule two: When in doubt, see rule one.



~ by Momma Bike on May 1, 2012.

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