Our newest addition

Sorry all, we came, we started this blog…and then we dissapeared. But…we have a really REALLY good excuse! I promise.

I’ve had our baby! The little gamer was born May 2, 2012 at 3:12pm! And wow did it hurt more the wiping…….a lot…….in a pug.


In all seriousness, she is here and we couldn’t be more excited. So if you did start reading and thought hey these two could be cool…well we can but give us a chance. Our newest addition takes up a lot of time as we are getting to know her and yes, there are even things more important then gaming.


To keep you updated on our gaming fun though, my computer HATES the beta…so much so that it feels the need to censor my eyes from all of it. (in other words, I get a big BLACK screen when I log into my toon). I’ ve reported it and am hoping to fix it soon enough.


That’s all for now as I go into the world of dirty diapers and spit up!

Thanks for checking in on us!



~ by Momma Bike on May 13, 2012.

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