Breastfeeding and Wowing…it CAN be done! and other thoughts on tanking and babies

Now before any of you parents out there start at me about how I should be interacting with my daughter when feeding her, there is a bit of a backstory.

I discovered I could do this out of desperation (again, notice alot of things happen for us and work because we are desperate). I had spent the night before up with her and only gotten two hours of interrupted sleep. I then had to take her to a renal ultrasound to check her kidneys, and then do some grocery shopping. Of which she slept through everything but the ultrasound part (for that she screamed). We got home and she’s wide awake and hungry. So I’m feeding her, but I’m falling asleep, which is not good. So I turn to my laptop and try to read things out loud to her, no good still falling asleep, So I turn wow on and start a new lowbie paladin, figuring that I could just tool around for a little while she ate. It worked plus I have the added bonus of releveling a paladin and maybe getting better at tanking with them (in time for MoP to change it all I know).

So don’t judge me, I did it for the safety of my baby. Ha! That sounds like a funny excuse “I play WoW for my baby’s safety.” But it was true and better then me falling asleep.


My computer is still boycotting the beta which leads to a sad panda face but I am hoping to be on the verge of a possible breakthrough maybe today…we’ll see.

And female tauren pallies are odly fun to play. I enjoy being giant, using my giant hammer (although now I have a large ax and shield) to smash things smaller then I am! And she’s an inside joke between my husband and I, LecheHadas which in spansih Leche – Milk and Hadas – Fairy. Now if I were to be literal and name her MilkFairy I would have had to do Hadas de Leche but It’s WoW I’m not that literal.

Off to do stuff before baby wakes! Thanks for reading!



~ by Momma Bike on May 19, 2012.

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