Account wide mounts, pets, and achevements almost the best thing about MoP

Have you ever been asked to switch toons to plug holes in your guilds roster? Have you ever just wanted to try something different but didn’t want to lose all the progress on your current toon? If you answered yes to either of these questions you may already know what I’m talking about; if you answered yes to both questions I may be talking to myself again.

Since my very first toon I have been in love with non-combat pets, I collected them avidly all through vanilla and BC. When achievements were added in Wrath I expanded my interests to include achievement points and mounts too (thank you mountain of mounts feat). Then halfway through Wrath the family and I took a break and when we returned I just didn’t feel like a priest anymore. So I rerolled,but it sucked to leave behind those mounts, pets, and most importantly for a raider in mid Wrath expac, the only proof I had that I had raided at all. I don’t know if it was the same on every server but on mine,at the time, if you didn’t already have the achievement no one would take you on a pug of the raid, my “champion of the frozen waists” on some other toon didn’t matter too much to anyone.

Now enter Mists, and the best class ever, and now I am faced with leaving behind all those titles, and pets, and mounts, etc, etc again. But wait, Blizzard has heard our anguished cry’s; my new main will get to be an awesome monk, and I won’t have to spend months redoing content. Thank you Blizzard, account wide is a super great thing for you to do.

A caveat; account wide will not be super cool unless it actually is ACCOUNT wide. I have had to switch servers recently because the raid community is somewhat dead on my old one. I can’t really afford to transfer three toons I don’t really play anymore and that seems grossly unfair. Once this is fixed, account wide really will be the second best thing in Mists



~ by Zoediac on May 21, 2012.

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