Blog Azeroth: Renaming WoW

Every week Blog Azeroth happily challenges us (and in my case, being a tank I am more challenged then most thanks to willingly getting smacked in the head, I gotta learn to use my shield better!) with a weekly blog idea. This week’s idea is brought to us by frinka .

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it and why?

Sooo I rattled my brain around my helmet and thought Dungeons and Dragons since you know, there are dungeons and dragons in the game….but then Zoediac said they may have been taken (party pooper).

Soo what about, The Game That Never Ends. Since we keep getting expansions. But I think the game that never ends in this genre would have to be Everquest.

Strike two. Hrm….what to rename this game if I could. Murlocs Ate My Brain? No….sounds too much like the beloved “Kobalts Ate My Baby.” Let’s think….well monks are coming out. Zencraft? That sounds weird….

Gosh whatever should I name this game. And then it dawns on me like Deathwing smacking me upside the head….although it was more of a good thing then that pain. I would rename the game Pokemon! We have pets and pet battles coming up so why not? Again…Zoediac kills my enthusiasm telling me that I can’t use that name (he thinks he’s soo smart).

So I guess if I have to be boring and rename the game I would name it Adventuring. Because in truth that’s what we are, adventurers. And all of our questing, pet hunting, achievement hunting, herbing, mining, dungeoning, tabbarding, and camaraderie with our guild/party mates and friends is. One giant virtual adventure.

Besides I’ve been told LARP is also taken…..



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~ by Momma Bike on June 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Blog Azeroth: Renaming WoW”

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  2. I like the adventuring angle and the “never ending” angle very much. Thanks for putting so much thought into it.

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