Waiting on Titles

I am not at my core an achievement hunter. The ever-increasing tick of a virtual score board, while interesting, just isn’t enough to get me out doing things. Despite this my achievement score is starting to get rather high and that’s because I LOVE titles.

My Trolls love being “of Sen’jin,” my Taurens “of Thunder Bluf,” and my Draenei “of the Exodar.” During Wrath my main was first “the Ardent Crusader” then “the Light of Dawn.” The raid scene on my server is so sparse that “Defender of a Shattered World” floating over my head caused awed whisper right up until Fireland’s release.

My point is that it’s the title, the mount, the pet attached to the meta that drives us to follow the smaller breadcrumb achievements. So far titles have missed the boat on beta, and we’re getting far enough into it that I’m starting to get nervous. Ghostcrawler said that “Overall, we never want to see you play character A instead of character B because of achievement concerns.” I know he also said they can’t promise anything and I’m glad to know tonight that I’ll be able to take my Tundra Mammoth out on any toon, but I hope that titles go account wide soon so I don’t feel I have to play the character with the best script over its head.


(You’re weird….but I do like the fluffy animals! ~Crash)


~ by Zoediac on June 25, 2012.

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