Mopping about

So with the beta test going on today for the two new raids in MOP: Will of the Emperor – 10 Player Normal
10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST) and  Imperial Vizier Zor’lok – 10 Player Normal 16:00 PDT (19:00 EDT, 01:00 CEST) I’m sure lots of people are super excited to be able to play them, and then blog about them or read about them.

Me? I’m just excited to finally be able to play the beta! (I know, I’m easy to please…shiny things work too!). You see I got a beta key in April. But I had no computer (mine had sadly died after six years of faithful service). So I was loaned a laptop. Great! Beta was 2fps on a good day and there was no ground only white. Then…I walked into a building and all I saw was black.

For Zoediac’s first father’s day/32nd Birthday/3rd wedding anniversary (all of which happened/is happening between May 1st and July 4th) I got him a brand new gaming computer. But even when I tried to log into my beta account I was kicked off…and let’s be honest he was usually on his shiny new computer or I had our little one to care for.

No biggie, I have beta’d before for Wrath and felt a great disappointment when I had painstakingly leveled my toons and then couldn’t keep them. So I figured this was someone’s way of keeping me from having the same frustration.

But Zoediac has a level 88 monk and when he heard about the upcoming raid beta he asked me to help him finish his leveling. So I logged onto his shiny new computer between bouts of dirty diapers, playtime, spitup and feedings (read as not much time) to help him out. We won’t make it to that beta but he’s 50% of a level closer in what amounts to two hours of work!

For the heck of it, while baby was sleeping on me I pulled out the laptop and tried logging into my account. And….it worked! OMG my panda was there! Crashnsmash in all of her level 6 glory (again..I didn’t get very far before boom!). She is now a happy level 10 brewmaster and growing (more later about my thoughts on brewmasters concept….)

I have to say I love LOVE Pandera. I know I’m late on this band wagon but I adore it!. As my name suggests I’m usually a kill first ask questions later tank. You know, point me at the enemy and let me go…rawr…with a soft side for the furry forest friends 🙂 But I of all people are actually reading the quest text. And I never want to leave the giant turtle…ever!

Sadly I know this day must come and I can’t wait to sink my teeth…erm…staff into tanking…truly tanking on a monk! Not just reading about it and sighing then taking my anger out on bosses with my warrior!

But rest assured folks Crash is coming to a pug near you! In her tiny fluffy panda cuteness.

As a side note…when is someone going to clue Shu in that he can ride in the ox cart like Wugou poor little water spirit….



~ by Momma Bike on June 27, 2012.

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