Crash and Little Raider in…the Authenticator Adventure

So you never know how much you miss something until well…you miss it.

Sadly my authenticator has gone off on an adventure of it’s own…too well who knows where, I like to think he (yes it has a gender, and a name…Carl!) is off fighting foes and having a grand old time. But without me.

So Carl is off roaming the world and while little raider is asleep I thought I would get some beta time in. I’m working on CrashnSmash my baby panderan monk tank and CrashenSmash who is a warrior I carbon copied to play at 85. After doing my happy baby sleeping dance and all the other things that I can’t do when I have little raider in my arms (use the bathroom, shower, eat you know the frills of life) I got my computer together and went to get Carl.

But wait (Insert your favorite bad movie/70’s TV show dramatic music)

Carls GONE!

I search high and low for him and during my search little raider decides that I need help. So she lets off her battle cry and joins my search (after a pit stop for an armor change and sustenance of course). So little raider and I search the countryside (our house) to no avail. But perhaps Carl has gone to visit my parents, as we were just there and they do have the blessed air conditioner magic.

Luckily little raider and I were headed to the magical cool aired sanctuary later that night. So we load up our trusty steed (he’s named Pedro!) And ride off into the sunset (literally…ow my eyes). All the while little raider mourns our lost companion.

Upon arrival little raider is too tired from her mourning and decides she must rest but that does not deter me! Having her safely in camp I continue my valant efffort by now Carl must be in grave danger. At home Zoediac also searches.


But sadly we do not find Carl. We are forced to give him up assuming that he was finally eaten by Deathwing (he never knew when to stop poking the dragon, seriously!).

In my sorrow I contact the all powerful wow Gods (who is name Josh by the way). And after he asks all about me I am freed to play the game. I also have a new friend attached to my magic talking box (Zoediac informs me this magic devise is a “cell phone”) I will name her Shirley.

And now my friends little raider and I can once again experience the joy that is World of Warcraft (except she just sleeps through it >.< )




~ by Momma Bike on July 5, 2012.

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