Of Foot and Fist: Mistweavers the New Way

I’ve been ill recently, and I’m a huge baby when I’m ill. I become a six foot three, three hundred pound quivering mass of “Oh Gosh, this is the end.” It’s pathetic to watch and humiliating to think about, but it does have one advantage. I have a lot more time to read, its that reading that brings me to my post today.

I realize that the blog sphere is treating melee healing as sort of a gimmick thing and not a serous healing style. In post after post last night I found it referenced as what to do for light healing encounters. For normal damage you had to switch to “normal” healing. And in a few places several fresh posts had Mistweaver abilities written totally wrong, for example take the relationship of Blackout Kick and Eminence.

Once upon a time Eminence, which is a passive buff gained while being in Stance of the Wise Serpent, caused you to heal the lowest ally within 20 yards for 100% of all damage you dealt. Blizzard has since nerfed this down to 50% and removed white hits from Eminence because they don’t want anyone playing a Mistweaver in a classic style to feel they have to auto attack. When Blizzard removed white hit from Eminence they added a buff to Blackout Kick through Teaching of the Monastery called Serpents Zeal which caused you to heal the lowest nearby ally for 100% of the damage you did by auto attacks stacking up to two times. Serpents Zeal has also been nerfed down to 25% of white damage, which means when both stacks are up your getting the same return from white hits that your are through your other abilities.

I put that bit of history in because some bloggers seem so confused that they think Blackout Kick causes Eminence, hint it doesn’t. Also people seem confused by our priority rotation (yes we’re a healing class with a rotation, a little weird I know but bear with me) even though Kaivax was kind enough to give us a very general outline.

  • “Melee healing Mistweaver

You position your statue near the ranged to heal them, and you are in melee. Your rotation is similar to a Windwalker’s, except you spread Renewing Mists out and Uplift during AOE phases. For AOE, you use Spinning Crane Kick and one of the last tier talents. You almost never cast Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist or hard cast a Surging Mist unless you absolutely have to. If something doesn’t deal damage, you don’t want to cast it.”

So our priority rotation should look a lot like this:

  1. Summon Jade Serpent Statue
  2. Renewing Mists
  3. Blackout Kick if Serpents Zeal is below 2 stacks or is about to fall off
  4. Surging Mists when Vital Mists is at 5 stacks (I Glyph this so I don’t have to change targets when casting)
  5. Jab (Expel Harm if you need some self heal) to gain Chi

Our AOE priority rotation looks like:

  1. Summon Jade Serpent Statue
  2. Renewing Mists
  3. Blackout Kick if Serpents Zeal is below 2 stacks or is about to fall off
  4. A last Tier Talent (I prefer Rushing Jade Wind because it buffs Spinning Crane Kick)
  5. Uplift after the third Renewing Mists has gone out
  6. Spinning Crane Kick
  7. Jab (Expel Harm if you need some self heal) to gain Chi

I believe that melee healing is the most exciting thing to happen to the WOW healing model in years. It’s a whole new way to do things and I think its going to work come live. I understand where its naysayers are coming from it is kinda scary to never even target the guy your trying to keep alive, but once you get past that, this is a very fun, rewarding, and viable way to heal.

Now for some brutal honesty, I haven’t had the chance to do much instancing in live due to the whole new baby thing. However, I’ve got some time tonight and I’m going to use it to run a lot of Dungeons (instead of cleaning like he should be while little raider and I are out of town ~Crash). So over the weekend I’ll post again and tell you if I’m still a believer. See some of you in Beta later.

Humbly submitted,



~ by Zoediac on July 6, 2012.

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