Zoediac an opening Stream of Consciousness

My wife can be a hard act to follow at times, she can be both very funny and teach us something profound about ourselves in the same moment. All this while carrying and caring for the little raider on her hip. It’s a privilege to watch, but a hard act to follow.

When I first heard of the Annual Pass and its automatic beta access I realized that for someone with drive it could present an opportunity to become the voice of the new class the way so many bloggers currently epitomize their receptive classes. By the time I actually signed up for the Annual Pass I knew I wanted to be to Monks what Matthew Rossi is to Warriors or what Rich Maloy is to Enhancement Shamans. These are guys who made me want to play the class, the spec. It’s because of them, and others like them, that I kept trying new things.

I’ve been in Warcraft a long time now and I thought it was my turn to inspire, so I signed up for the Annual Pass, Crash was three months pregnant. By the time the sixth wave of beta invites came along and I was in, Crash was eight months pregnant. When I got a computer that would run the Beta at better than 2fps the little raider was four weeks old. I wanted to do livestreams and youtube videos about the beta in general and playing a Monk in specific since I always thought of myself as more of an orator than a writer. I realize now that I should have been blogging about my beta experiences from day one. Because no matter how busy I thought I was before the baby came, it was nothing compared to now. Both points Crash tried to make to me months ago (Pro Tip: always do what Crash says, shes right no matter what you may think, and you’ll only look back and regret it later).

So I’ve missed the boat on getting my name associated with Monks early. Still in all the chaos of being a new parent I have been able to find time to at least follow what other people are saying about being a Monk and I find their are many more things that need to be said. So I guess if I can’t be first, I’ll just have to be the best, I’ll put forth some new ideas and see if my forced casual play strikes a cord with any of you.

Humbly submitted,



~ by Zoediac on July 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Zoediac an opening Stream of Consciousness”

  1. There’s definitely time for you to become the voice of Monks – it’s all about depth & longevity- something that comes over time in my opinion. And you have something better in your life anyway! Congrats to both you & your wife on the little raider 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to play a monk in wow. It looks to be a whole new experiance, very different strategy than any other of the world of warcraft classes.

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