Blog Azeroth: Single Realm

Well it’s Tuesday! And I am running late (oh no!) Of course in my defense my internet has been out for the last week (thus why I did not get to play with all you lovely people last week and missed the Blog Azeroth then 😦


This week’s Blog Azeroth is brought to us again by the lovely and talented frinka


If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not?


Oh my goodness NO!


Even if Blizzards servers could handle it the thought of it on my poor computer makes me cry. I think having all of us on single realm would make gameplay slow and very frustrating. Already if there is a high population of people playing quest items and npcs that you must interact with/kill are low. I think trade chat alone would explode too and my tiny tank brain just can’t handle trade as it is.

So a short answer but no I don’t think it would be a good idea. We can interact with each other through the dungeon finders.


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~ by Momma Bike on July 17, 2012.

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