Waiting on Titles

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I am not at my core an achievement hunter. The ever-increasing tick of a virtual score board, while interesting, just isn’t enough to get me out doing things. Despite this my achievement score is starting to get rather high and that’s because I LOVE titles.

My Trolls love being “of Sen’jin,” my Taurens “of Thunder Bluf,” and my Draenei “of the Exodar.” During Wrath my main was first “the Ardent Crusader” then “the Light of Dawn.” The raid scene on my server is so sparse that “Defender of a Shattered World” floating over my head caused awed whisper right up until Fireland’s release.

My point is that it’s the title, the mount, the pet attached to the meta that drives us to follow the smaller breadcrumb achievements. So far titles have missed the boat on beta, and we’re getting far enough into it that I’m starting to get nervous. Ghostcrawler said that “Overall, we never want to see you play character A instead of character B because of achievement concerns.” I know he also said they can’t promise anything and I’m glad to know tonight that I’ll be able to take my Tundra Mammoth out on any toon, but I hope that titles go account wide soon so I don’t feel I have to play the character with the best script over its head.


(You’re weird….but I do like the fluffy animals! ~Crash)


Account wide mounts, pets, and achevements almost the best thing about MoP

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Have you ever been asked to switch toons to plug holes in your guilds roster? Have you ever just wanted to try something different but didn’t want to lose all the progress on your current toon? If you answered yes to either of these questions you may already know what I’m talking about; if you answered yes to both questions I may be talking to myself again.

Since my very first toon I have been in love with non-combat pets, I collected them avidly all through vanilla and BC. When achievements were added in Wrath I expanded my interests to include achievement points and mounts too (thank you mountain of mounts feat). Then halfway through Wrath the family and I took a break and when we returned I just didn’t feel like a priest anymore. So I rerolled,but it sucked to leave behind those mounts, pets, and most importantly for a raider in mid Wrath expac, the only proof I had that I had raided at all. I don’t know if it was the same on every server but on mine,at the time, if you didn’t already have the achievement no one would take you on a pug of the raid, my “champion of the frozen waists” on some other toon didn’t matter too much to anyone.

Now enter Mists, and the best class ever, and now I am faced with leaving behind all those titles, and pets, and mounts, etc, etc again. But wait, Blizzard has heard our anguished cry’s; my new main will get to be an awesome monk, and I won’t have to spend months redoing content. Thank you Blizzard, account wide is a super great thing for you to do.

A caveat; account wide will not be super cool unless it actually is ACCOUNT wide. I have had to switch servers recently because the raid community is somewhat dead on my old one. I can’t really afford to transfer three toons I don’t really play anymore and that seems grossly unfair. Once this is fixed, account wide really will be the second best thing in Mists


Breastfeeding and Wowing…it CAN be done! and other thoughts on tanking and babies

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Now before any of you parents out there start at me about how I should be interacting with my daughter when feeding her, there is a bit of a backstory.

I discovered I could do this out of desperation (again, notice alot of things happen for us and work because we are desperate). I had spent the night before up with her and only gotten two hours of interrupted sleep. I then had to take her to a renal ultrasound to check her kidneys, and then do some grocery shopping. Of which she slept through everything but the ultrasound part (for that she screamed). We got home and she’s wide awake and hungry. So I’m feeding her, but I’m falling asleep, which is not good. So I turn to my laptop and try to read things out loud to her, no good still falling asleep, So I turn wow on and start a new lowbie paladin, figuring that I could just tool around for a little while she ate. It worked plus I have the added bonus of releveling a paladin and maybe getting better at tanking with them (in time for MoP to change it all I know).

So don’t judge me, I did it for the safety of my baby. Ha! That sounds like a funny excuse “I play WoW for my baby’s safety.” But it was true and better then me falling asleep.


My computer is still boycotting the beta which leads to a sad panda face but I am hoping to be on the verge of a possible breakthrough maybe today…we’ll see.

And female tauren pallies are odly fun to play. I enjoy being giant, using my giant hammer (although now I have a large ax and shield) to smash things smaller then I am! And she’s an inside joke between my husband and I, LecheHadas which in spansih Leche – Milk and Hadas – Fairy. Now if I were to be literal and name her MilkFairy I would have had to do Hadas de Leche but It’s WoW I’m not that literal.

Off to do stuff before baby wakes! Thanks for reading!


Our newest addition

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Sorry all, we came, we started this blog…and then we dissapeared. But…we have a really REALLY good excuse! I promise.

I’ve had our baby! The little gamer was born May 2, 2012 at 3:12pm! And wow did it hurt more the wiping…….a lot…….in a pug.


In all seriousness, she is here and we couldn’t be more excited. So if you did start reading and thought hey these two could be cool…well we can but give us a chance. Our newest addition takes up a lot of time as we are getting to know her and yes, there are even things more important then gaming.


To keep you updated on our gaming fun though, my computer HATES the beta…so much so that it feels the need to censor my eyes from all of it. (in other words, I get a big BLACK screen when I log into my toon). I’ ve reported it and am hoping to fix it soon enough.


That’s all for now as I go into the world of dirty diapers and spit up!

Thanks for checking in on us!


Tanking Old School (and new!)

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Or…why I don’t use addons!

Today you can download any number of addons, and yes, I used to be an addon junkie. They were cool! They made life easier….or did they?

I found addons to be clunky additions to a game that could be played easily and effectively using what the WoW UI development Gods have already given you. With a few exceptions (yes I admit it! There are TWO addons I use! Blasphemy!)

I DO use DBM when raid tanking, this is mainly to keep others quiet so I don’t get loads of whispers going “OMG YOU CANT TANK YOU DONT HAVE DBM!”

And when I do heal I use Vuduh. I love Vuduh and it has truly made my life better.

Other then that, nope no addons…I might as well be running naked in some players eyes!

There are a few reasons on why I do this. Number one: Desperation (as you will note, this is usually my reason to do most things….but hey it works!). I don’t have an ultra-suped up gaming machine. I don’t even really wish I did. Do I wish the graphics were ubercool, yea…..would it be nice to play at lightning speeds….sure…could my internet really handle those speeds? nope.  Addons DO add processing time, they are adding things to the game, even minor ones. They also clutter up hardrive space on my computer which already has enough issues. I don’t need to give my computer a complex. My trusty computer (which actually isn’t mine as mine died a horrible terrible death of old age (thank you six year old machine, you lived your life well!). Trudges on playing WoW just fine on low settings, sure I run into trees sometimes…and it wasn’t until I saw a video of the Nefarion Onyxia fight in Cata that I truly knew what someone meant by their abilities…but I can see the fire on the ground, and avoid it…and that’s what counts. So no addon’s equals more fps for me and more chances for my raid/dungeon group to stay alive!

Number two: I get addicted. Addons seem to be like potato chips you can’t have just one. However, if you have enough that you get sick and throw up, you can cut back! I loved addons…because this one was shiny, and that one made auctioning so much easier, and this one over hear made bunnies pop out of my printer (oook…maybe not that one but it was like a kid in a candy store!).  I had so many addons that I probably contributed to the horrible death of my computer (sorry!).

Number Three: When the add-on goes boom on patch days I’m not frantically trying to remember how to play. I don’t have to let my guild down saying “you know that super cool raid that came out today! ….Yea sorry I don’t have (insert addon that I’ve been so used to having it might as well be part of me!). It’s still down.” Now MOST addon developers are VERY good about getting things up right away but as with any patch there are inevitably problems.  Also, for PTR and Beta (here’s where the new comes in, nudge nudge to the title) 99.9999999% of addons do not work. It’s much easier to test things and get a true feel for their game play if I’m not also adjusting and coping with addon withdrawl.

So there you have it. Three reasons to avoid addons! I know many of you will not agree  but that’s your choice. I like my simple life, it’s why I like tanking. Despite all it’s complexities there is really only two rules. Rule One: Don’t let others die, Rule two: When in doubt, see rule one.


Hello world!

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We’re a husband and wife team of gamers.

CrashnSmash (call her Crash) has all manner of tanks, she even has two of a few!  Monk is her latest challenge. That, and being 9 months pregnant (which if you want to talk rage generation for a warrior or a bear, try being 9 months pregnant!) Crash has been playing since Vanilla.

Zoediac leveled a priest in vanilla, holy….the entire way…and through BC….he got smarter and tried shadow to level in wotlk but then went back to Holy for cata. Of course Dungeon Finder made that less painful. He also has several other healers. He too is excited to take on Monk.

Both of us have played the other side of the coin and dps. We hope you will join us on our journey of tanking, healing, all while having a newborn too!

Oh yea! Check out our own pages..they may change but for now they work!

~~Crash and Zoediac~~