This is my domain for all things…well tanky! Plus a great place to post about Zoediac!

Soooo I mentioned I have several tanks..that’s even true.

Currently my roster includes, an 85 Bear (who is also a tree…but shh don’t tell her that). 85 Pally, 85 Warrior, and 85 DK. Plus my newest project an ALMOST 84 Warrior . Then a whole host of lowbies and midlevels.

When Mists is released you will get to follow the saga of my monk CrashNSmash. Right now..she’s just a beta toon (more on that later).

My 84 warrior is currently my pet project come about by a server change, lack of funds, and boredom. She’s not very bright but ya know what…on a regular basis she willingly gets hit in the head to protect others….how smart can you be?

And then there’s the beta…ah yes the beta….all 2fps of it. It’s beautiful and glorious and if only I could turn! I’ve just recently started beating my head against that one..We’ll have to see how it goes!

Oh and Monk aside here is my priority of tanks (in terms of my love for them)

Warriors then bears (used to be switched, but that’s another story of rage), then deathknights, and lastly Paladins..

It should be noted…I CAN Pally ain’t pretty but I CAN do it..The others are a blast and a half of tanking fun!

So there you have it that’s ME!


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