So it’s Tuesday maintenance again and I thought this would be an excellent time to introduce myself.  I started World of Warcraft back in ‘06 as a priest.  Tall of stature, broad of shoulder, bald as an egg. (Crash here…it’s true…he was one funny looking human! And the shiny reflective head…so distracting) Sfen went forth to do battle with evil, took on the holy tree and never looked back.  This of course wasn’t the finest choice for battling evil, but I have been keeping people alive now for six years across a dozen or so toons.

I have at least tried them all, my wife is an excellent druid so I have the least personal experience with restoration, since we don’t care to compete (We don’t?).  My 85 healers are a holy priest and a shaman whom I have done more enhance with then restoration; mostly only in 5 mans to cut down on the queue time.  But I did do both all through Wraith and haven’t let the skills wither.

Right now I am mostly concentrating on beta, and the new healing model Blizzard is developing for Mistweavers.  If done right it sounds like an excellent cross between healing and dps kind of like what Holy Paladins wish they could be.   With a restoration/enhance main, that sounds amazing, but there will be a lot more on that later.

So welcome one and all to our new web home, pull up a chair as we have some tales to tell. (Story time! I like story time!)



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