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Well it’s Tuesday! And I am running late (oh no!) Of course in my defense my internet has been out for the last week (thus why I did not get to play with all you lovely people last week and missed the Blog Azeroth then 😦


This week’s Blog Azeroth is brought to us again by the lovely and talented frinka


If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not?


Oh my goodness NO!


Even if Blizzards servers could handle it the thought of it on my poor computer makes me cry. I think having all of us on single realm would make gameplay slow and very frustrating. Already if there is a high population of people playing quest items and npcs that you must interact with/kill are low. I think trade chat alone would explode too and my tiny tank brain just can’t handle trade as it is.

So a short answer but no I don’t think it would be a good idea. We can interact with each other through the dungeon finders.


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Zoediac an opening Stream of Consciousness

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My wife can be a hard act to follow at times, she can be both very funny and teach us something profound about ourselves in the same moment. All this while carrying and caring for the little raider on her hip. It’s a privilege to watch, but a hard act to follow.

When I first heard of the Annual Pass and its automatic beta access I realized that for someone with drive it could present an opportunity to become the voice of the new class the way so many bloggers currently epitomize their receptive classes. By the time I actually signed up for the Annual Pass I knew I wanted to be to Monks what Matthew Rossi is to Warriors or what Rich Maloy is to Enhancement Shamans. These are guys who made me want to play the class, the spec. It’s because of them, and others like them, that I kept trying new things.

I’ve been in Warcraft a long time now and I thought it was my turn to inspire, so I signed up for the Annual Pass, Crash was three months pregnant. By the time the sixth wave of beta invites came along and I was in, Crash was eight months pregnant. When I got a computer that would run the Beta at better than 2fps the little raider was four weeks old. I wanted to do livestreams and youtube videos about the beta in general and playing a Monk in specific since I always thought of myself as more of an orator than a writer. I realize now that I should have been blogging about my beta experiences from day one. Because no matter how busy I thought I was before the baby came, it was nothing compared to now. Both points Crash tried to make to me months ago (Pro Tip: always do what Crash says, shes right no matter what you may think, and you’ll only look back and regret it later).

So I’ve missed the boat on getting my name associated with Monks early. Still in all the chaos of being a new parent I have been able to find time to at least follow what other people are saying about being a Monk and I find their are many more things that need to be said. So I guess if I can’t be first, I’ll just have to be the best, I’ll put forth some new ideas and see if my forced casual play strikes a cord with any of you.

Humbly submitted,


Of Foot and Fist: Mistweavers the New Way

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I’ve been ill recently, and I’m a huge baby when I’m ill. I become a six foot three, three hundred pound quivering mass of “Oh Gosh, this is the end.” It’s pathetic to watch and humiliating to think about, but it does have one advantage. I have a lot more time to read, its that reading that brings me to my post today.

I realize that the blog sphere is treating melee healing as sort of a gimmick thing and not a serous healing style. In post after post last night I found it referenced as what to do for light healing encounters. For normal damage you had to switch to “normal” healing. And in a few places several fresh posts had Mistweaver abilities written totally wrong, for example take the relationship of Blackout Kick and Eminence.

Once upon a time Eminence, which is a passive buff gained while being in Stance of the Wise Serpent, caused you to heal the lowest ally within 20 yards for 100% of all damage you dealt. Blizzard has since nerfed this down to 50% and removed white hits from Eminence because they don’t want anyone playing a Mistweaver in a classic style to feel they have to auto attack. When Blizzard removed white hit from Eminence they added a buff to Blackout Kick through Teaching of the Monastery called Serpents Zeal which caused you to heal the lowest nearby ally for 100% of the damage you did by auto attacks stacking up to two times. Serpents Zeal has also been nerfed down to 25% of white damage, which means when both stacks are up your getting the same return from white hits that your are through your other abilities.

I put that bit of history in because some bloggers seem so confused that they think Blackout Kick causes Eminence, hint it doesn’t. Also people seem confused by our priority rotation (yes we’re a healing class with a rotation, a little weird I know but bear with me) even though Kaivax was kind enough to give us a very general outline.

  • “Melee healing Mistweaver

You position your statue near the ranged to heal them, and you are in melee. Your rotation is similar to a Windwalker’s, except you spread Renewing Mists out and Uplift during AOE phases. For AOE, you use Spinning Crane Kick and one of the last tier talents. You almost never cast Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist or hard cast a Surging Mist unless you absolutely have to. If something doesn’t deal damage, you don’t want to cast it.”

So our priority rotation should look a lot like this:

  1. Summon Jade Serpent Statue
  2. Renewing Mists
  3. Blackout Kick if Serpents Zeal is below 2 stacks or is about to fall off
  4. Surging Mists when Vital Mists is at 5 stacks (I Glyph this so I don’t have to change targets when casting)
  5. Jab (Expel Harm if you need some self heal) to gain Chi

Our AOE priority rotation looks like:

  1. Summon Jade Serpent Statue
  2. Renewing Mists
  3. Blackout Kick if Serpents Zeal is below 2 stacks or is about to fall off
  4. A last Tier Talent (I prefer Rushing Jade Wind because it buffs Spinning Crane Kick)
  5. Uplift after the third Renewing Mists has gone out
  6. Spinning Crane Kick
  7. Jab (Expel Harm if you need some self heal) to gain Chi

I believe that melee healing is the most exciting thing to happen to the WOW healing model in years. It’s a whole new way to do things and I think its going to work come live. I understand where its naysayers are coming from it is kinda scary to never even target the guy your trying to keep alive, but once you get past that, this is a very fun, rewarding, and viable way to heal.

Now for some brutal honesty, I haven’t had the chance to do much instancing in live due to the whole new baby thing. However, I’ve got some time tonight and I’m going to use it to run a lot of Dungeons (instead of cleaning like he should be while little raider and I are out of town ~Crash). So over the weekend I’ll post again and tell you if I’m still a believer. See some of you in Beta later.

Humbly submitted,


Crash and Little Raider in…the Authenticator Adventure

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So you never know how much you miss something until well…you miss it.

Sadly my authenticator has gone off on an adventure of it’s own…too well who knows where, I like to think he (yes it has a gender, and a name…Carl!) is off fighting foes and having a grand old time. But without me.

So Carl is off roaming the world and while little raider is asleep I thought I would get some beta time in. I’m working on CrashnSmash my baby panderan monk tank and CrashenSmash who is a warrior I carbon copied to play at 85. After doing my happy baby sleeping dance and all the other things that I can’t do when I have little raider in my arms (use the bathroom, shower, eat you know the frills of life) I got my computer together and went to get Carl.

But wait (Insert your favorite bad movie/70’s TV show dramatic music)

Carls GONE!

I search high and low for him and during my search little raider decides that I need help. So she lets off her battle cry and joins my search (after a pit stop for an armor change and sustenance of course). So little raider and I search the countryside (our house) to no avail. But perhaps Carl has gone to visit my parents, as we were just there and they do have the blessed air conditioner magic.

Luckily little raider and I were headed to the magical cool aired sanctuary later that night. So we load up our trusty steed (he’s named Pedro!) And ride off into the sunset (literally…ow my eyes). All the while little raider mourns our lost companion.

Upon arrival little raider is too tired from her mourning and decides she must rest but that does not deter me! Having her safely in camp I continue my valant efffort by now Carl must be in grave danger. At home Zoediac also searches.


But sadly we do not find Carl. We are forced to give him up assuming that he was finally eaten by Deathwing (he never knew when to stop poking the dragon, seriously!).

In my sorrow I contact the all powerful wow Gods (who is name Josh by the way). And after he asks all about me I am freed to play the game. I also have a new friend attached to my magic talking box (Zoediac informs me this magic devise is a “cell phone”) I will name her Shirley.

And now my friends little raider and I can once again experience the joy that is World of Warcraft (except she just sleeps through it >.< )



Blogging Azeroth: Nicest Thing Anyones Done

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Alrighty, it’s Monday morning and that means it’s time to take on the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! YAY! (Really, no I don’t drink coffee…..honest!)

This week the lovely frinka brings us another fabulous idea!

What is the nicest thing another player has ever done for you in-game?

That was a hard question for me. There have been so many nice things people have done for me. From giving items to helping on quests. If it weren’t for some of my in-game friends I probably wouldn’t still be playing. You can only beat your head against Original Sunken Temple so long before you contemplate gameicide and friends help (either get through the dungeon or provide an alibi).

But my actual answer is that the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in game is…well…simple: Be Nice.

To all the pugs, friends, guildies who have:

Dealt with my face pulls, not screamed when I forgot to use a cooldown, gently told me to get out of fire, laughed when I pull the wrong mob, politely told me I forgot to put pants on. And in general made the game a fun enjoyable experience,

I thank you with all of my mob smashing, shield bashing, druid swipey heart.

Short and sweet this morning! I hope you all check out

Blog Azeroth,






Robin Torres


Mopping about

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So with the beta test going on today for the two new raids in MOP: Will of the Emperor – 10 Player Normal
10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST) and  Imperial Vizier Zor’lok – 10 Player Normal 16:00 PDT (19:00 EDT, 01:00 CEST) I’m sure lots of people are super excited to be able to play them, and then blog about them or read about them.

Me? I’m just excited to finally be able to play the beta! (I know, I’m easy to please…shiny things work too!). You see I got a beta key in April. But I had no computer (mine had sadly died after six years of faithful service). So I was loaned a laptop. Great! Beta was 2fps on a good day and there was no ground only white. Then…I walked into a building and all I saw was black.

For Zoediac’s first father’s day/32nd Birthday/3rd wedding anniversary (all of which happened/is happening between May 1st and July 4th) I got him a brand new gaming computer. But even when I tried to log into my beta account I was kicked off…and let’s be honest he was usually on his shiny new computer or I had our little one to care for.

No biggie, I have beta’d before for Wrath and felt a great disappointment when I had painstakingly leveled my toons and then couldn’t keep them. So I figured this was someone’s way of keeping me from having the same frustration.

But Zoediac has a level 88 monk and when he heard about the upcoming raid beta he asked me to help him finish his leveling. So I logged onto his shiny new computer between bouts of dirty diapers, playtime, spitup and feedings (read as not much time) to help him out. We won’t make it to that beta but he’s 50% of a level closer in what amounts to two hours of work!

For the heck of it, while baby was sleeping on me I pulled out the laptop and tried logging into my account. And….it worked! OMG my panda was there! Crashnsmash in all of her level 6 glory (again..I didn’t get very far before boom!). She is now a happy level 10 brewmaster and growing (more later about my thoughts on brewmasters concept….)

I have to say I love LOVE Pandera. I know I’m late on this band wagon but I adore it!. As my name suggests I’m usually a kill first ask questions later tank. You know, point me at the enemy and let me go…rawr…with a soft side for the furry forest friends 🙂 But I of all people are actually reading the quest text. And I never want to leave the giant turtle…ever!

Sadly I know this day must come and I can’t wait to sink my teeth…erm…staff into tanking…truly tanking on a monk! Not just reading about it and sighing then taking my anger out on bosses with my warrior!

But rest assured folks Crash is coming to a pug near you! In her tiny fluffy panda cuteness.

As a side note…when is someone going to clue Shu in that he can ride in the ox cart like Wugou poor little water spirit….


Blog Azeroth: Renaming WoW

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Every week Blog Azeroth happily challenges us (and in my case, being a tank I am more challenged then most thanks to willingly getting smacked in the head, I gotta learn to use my shield better!) with a weekly blog idea. This week’s idea is brought to us by frinka .

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it and why?

Sooo I rattled my brain around my helmet and thought Dungeons and Dragons since you know, there are dungeons and dragons in the game….but then Zoediac said they may have been taken (party pooper).

Soo what about, The Game That Never Ends. Since we keep getting expansions. But I think the game that never ends in this genre would have to be Everquest.

Strike two. Hrm….what to rename this game if I could. Murlocs Ate My Brain? No….sounds too much like the beloved “Kobalts Ate My Baby.” Let’s think….well monks are coming out. Zencraft? That sounds weird….

Gosh whatever should I name this game. And then it dawns on me like Deathwing smacking me upside the head….although it was more of a good thing then that pain. I would rename the game Pokemon! We have pets and pet battles coming up so why not? Again…Zoediac kills my enthusiasm telling me that I can’t use that name (he thinks he’s soo smart).

So I guess if I have to be boring and rename the game I would name it Adventuring. Because in truth that’s what we are, adventurers. And all of our questing, pet hunting, achievement hunting, herbing, mining, dungeoning, tabbarding, and camaraderie with our guild/party mates and friends is. One giant virtual adventure.

Besides I’ve been told LARP is also taken…..



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